Startup Weekend in Newfoundland & Labrador

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The Startup Weekend team in Newfoundland & Labrador will be holding an exciting startups-meet-industry event from November 9 – 11, 2018.

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STARTUP WEEKEND – Ocean Innovation:

Hosted by the

Oceans Holyrood Initiative

ohi holyrood


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Startup Weekends are held in cities and towns around the world and are part of TechStars and Global Entrepreneurship Week efforts to promote entrepreneurship.

Startup Weekend Holyrood is centred around the theme of OCEAN INNOVATION.

We invite students, companies, startups, innovators, inventors and everyone who has an interest or stake in the oceans that surround our province to come and participate in a hospitable and team environment.


With our colleagues at OHI, NOIA, Oceans Advance, NATI and others, the event is open to members of each industry association.

At this event teams will solve real-world problems and win prizes (in addition to the acclaim of your peers & future customers!).

We are seeking out established companies that have ocean-related problems, challenges or opportunities to be involved. Have your employees and decision makers tap into the huge reservoir of expertise available in the startup community.

Holyrood is providing an opportunity for new, creative ideas to come to life by bringing together a group of innovative thinkers, coaches and mentors for a weekend of collaboration, knowledge sharing and strategy development. We want the participants to expand their entrepreneurial tools to help guide their ideas to the development and implementation stage.       Gary Corbett, CAO for the Town of Holyrood




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Between events, we invite you to access one of the many startup resources in your community.

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